Why Us?

Commercial Policy Shopper is designed to even the insurance playing field, too often insurance agents cut things from coverage to win insurance bids. Insurance is a volume game, and we are passionate about changing that.

How it Works?

We will gather all of your necessary information, review everything using an insurance expert that has experience in your industry. Then find local agents that use carriers that are competitive with your type of risk. After all of the proposals are reviewed we will present you with at least two options, the agent representing that company, and our expert's notes on each policy.  Then in three years we will repeat this process to ensure you are still receiving the best rate.


Nobody understands your business the way you do, so why trust someone else with your company's financial backbone?




We understand that Insurance is more than just a piece of paper, when something unforeseen happens it is important to have someone local to call and speak with. With our agency outreach network, all of our policies are owned by a local agent; keeping your business local and giving you peace of mind!


Instead of having various different insurance agents build different plans with different companies, often leaving gaps in coverage to win your business. We build one application and review all proposals to ensure you will be getting the most value in your policy.

Next Steps...

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